Meet Us!

Cherie Gatson, HAPI Co-founder & Lead Instructor | Owner of HAPI Hair Studio

I walked into a salon for the first time when I was eleven years old. Five minutes later I walked back out because I was turned away. Not because I couldn’t pay or was missing shoes, but because my hair didn’t fit the mold. It was unique in its texture and not one of the professional stylists could care for my hair.

Twenty-one years later and millions of little Black kids are still having the same experience throughout salons across America. Put simply, this is unacceptable and I will do anything in my power to ensure that the salon & haircare industries become equally inclusive to all people.

These experiences we have as children seem to stick with us and it’s been a lifelong mission of mine to provide a safe haven for all those who have been excluded in the past. It’s my desire to make sure people of all races, hair patterns, and textures to feel comfortable and accepted in my chair. I am so fortunate to love what I do, do what I love, and make a difference while doing it.

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